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Who are we?

The Academic Language Centre (ACTO)

ACTO is a central academic department. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Karel Van Miert building, Pleinlaan 5, 1050 B.

ACTO organises language classes and tuition for VUB students. The institute also organises Dutch and English language tests (TOEFL) for the benefit of students who intend to study at the VUB and need to comply with specific language acceptance conditions.


Who for and how to register?

Students who have one or more languages as part of their study programmes register with the language tutors. For Spanish and Italian, students are required to register at the ACTO office. For Spanish, an entrance test is held during the second week of the academic year (further information here).

Any VUB student may choose a language as an optional subject providing the faculty and the language tutor agree. Students may also take Catalan, Danish, German, New Greek or Russian even though these languages may not be included as part of their package of possible optional languages. Students are required to contact the ACTO office for all further information. Registration is during the first lesson and there is no registration fee.


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